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Historic Home Tour

The Shakopee Heritage Society aims to host a bi-annual historic home tour scheduled in alternating fall seasons. If interested in assisting the organization and efforts of the home tour, contact the Shakopee Heritage Society to join the historic home tour committee. Typically the committee meets monthly - 1 year prior to the event.

**No historic home tour scheduled for 2013.**

2011 Historic Home Tour

Babe's Place
Babe's Place
Babe's Place
Babe's Place

2011 Historic Home Tour Sites

Steinhoff House
Steinhoff House, 1860s.
Koeper House
Koeper House, 1910.
Bisek House
Bisek House, 1888.
Strunk House
Strunk House, 1888.
Stans House
Stans House, 1908.
Babe's Place
Babe's Place, 1895.
Leavitt-Kennedy House
Leavitt-Kennedy House, 1910s.
St. John's Lutheran Church
St. John's Lutheran Church, 1890.
Grosser/Carlos Luis House
Grosser/Carlos Luis House, 1905.

2009 Historic Home Tour Sites

Wermerskirchen/Pink Sisters' House
Wermerskirchen/Pink Sisters' House, 1890. Shakopee Brick.
John Rein House
John Rein House, 1887. Shakopee Farmhouse.
Dr. Smith/Van Horn House
Dr. Smith/Van Horn House, 1875.
Berens-Rademacher House
Berens-Rademacher House, 1910.
Sweeney House
Sweeney House, 1850.
Central Family Center School Mural
Central Family Center School Mural, 1938. Eight-panel mural telling the story of Shakopee from 1842 to 1940.
Nickolay/Klein House
Nickolay/Klein House, 1910.
Grosser/Carlos Luis House
Grosser/Carlos Luis House, 1905. Chaska Brick.

2007 Historic Home Tour Sites

St. Mark's Parish House
St. Mark's Parish House, 1889
Stans House
Stans House, 1908
Cavanaugh House, 1900
Cavanaugh House, 1900
Dr. Smith/Van Horn House
Dr. Smith/Van Horn House, 1875

Logenfeil House, 1895
Railroad/Bjorklund House
Railroad/Bjorklund House, 1865
Schroeder/Wagner House
Schroeder/Wagner House, 1856
Vierling Farmhouse/McNeil House
Vierling Farm/McNeil House, 1870s